6 savvy tips for SME’s to survive tax time

I am yet to meet anyone, other than an accountant, who gets excited about tax time.  With a fear of a tax bill, a loathing of paperwork and complex web of tax law to navigate it is no wonder most people find it a bit overwhelming, but with our savvy tips tax time will [...]

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Learning and evolution, all in a day’s work

Accounting Heart celebrates its third birthday this month. So, I have used the occasion to reflect on my expectations versus the reality of starting my own business, the highs, the lows,  my fears, the people I’ve met, the constant evolution and the things I have learned along the way.  There is never enough time! At [...]

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5 steps to take charge of your finances for a life you’ll love

The super gender gap. The ‘glass ceiling’. No doubt you’ve heard of them – the media often reminds us of the fact women are not earning equal pay for equal work. It’s also a fact that women generally take more time off from full or part-time work to care for children or elderly parents. It [...]

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