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Effortless record keeping that is convenient, modern and secure.

Real time

Make better business decisions based on real time accounting information. The elimination of data entry means your accounts are updated every time you submit an invoice for processing. This truly makes BAS and tax time a breeze as most of the work is already done.

Say good bye to clutter

Gone are the days of receipts and invoices cluttering up your wallet and office waiting for your next BAS or tax return to be filed, not to mention then having to store them for years. Once you submit to Receipt Bank your paperwork is stored securely in the cloud for 7 years, complying with Australian Taxation Office requirements, so no more paper.

Simple as 1,2,3…
  • 1. Submit your receipt/invoice by phone app, email, Dropbox or post
  • 2. Receipt Bank accurately extracts data, so you don’t have to do any data entry
  • 3. Data is published straight to your cloud accounting software with a copy of the receipt/invoice

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