Service Packages for
Established Businesses

Numbers are the beating heart of your business

Our unique service packages are based on our  4 pillars  approach and have been designed to suit your specific needs at each stage of the business growth journey.

Business growth packages built around you

Your finances are your business health report card. Just like your own health, you have the power to firm up those figures and ensure your long-term success.

As your business grows you will experience new challenges which require different strategies, systems and processes than when you were a Startup.

Through our Established Business packages, we can provide a strong base of support for you and your team during all stages of growth.

Work Smarter

Want easier admin and insights? This package gets it sorted so you can get on with what you do best.


We get to know where you’re at now, understand your future goals and why they’re important to you. This helps you gain the clarity and direction you need to run your business.

Don’t like paperwork and don’t understand bookkeeping, accounting & tax? Let us handle it.

No more tax shock. Optimise your current year tax outcomes, and save money.


Grow for Gold

Got a vision for business growth and need some strategy and accountability? This package is for you.

Includes all features of Work Smarter plus:

Deep dive into where you are now to get crystal clear on where you want to go and develop a solid strategy with the actions to get you there.

Review your business performance, check-in on projects and priorities, and adjust your strategy or direction as your needs change.

Insight into future profitability of your business, helping you plan your future financial freedom.


Freedom Accelerator

Want easier admin and insights? This package gets it sorted so you can get on with what you do best.

Includes all features of Grow for Gold plus:

Measure the increase in the wealth of your business. See your projected assets and liabilities to understand your future financial position.

Gain insight into the periods where your business has cash surpluses and shortfalls to plan for steady availability of funds.

Your time to ask questions, clear roadblocks and get our advice to keep your projects and priorities on track.


Looking for something else?

If you’re just looking for help with a specific service, rather than a package, we can do that too! We can assist with all the usual accounting functions like bookkeeping, tax returns and advisory as well as business automation.